Hogs Back beer proves a great success at the Freiburg twinning festival

Guildford’s twin city of Freiburg in southwest Germany recently held its eighth biannual Partner Cities Market. Around the picturesque old Town Hall square stalls were set up for participating towns and Guildford joined twelve other partner cities representing their towns at this year’s event.

Hogs Back Brewery provided a variety of beer for the Twinning Association to take across to Freiburg to showcase the region’s brewing skills. Run by Association member John Greenwood, tastings of Hogs Back beer were part of the activities on the Guildford stall attracting many visitors. Jennifer Margrave of the Association reported that “most Germans preferred the ‘hoppy’ beer, and one customer was eager to have the T.E.A. until it was pointed out to her that it wasn’t the hot infusion!”

Hogs Back Brewery beer tasting at Freiburg Twinning Market

Hogs Back Brewery beer tasting at Freiburg Twinning Market

The opportunity to taste Hogs Back beer opened up some interesting conversations about where the beer was brewed and many people were surprised to hear that Guildford has several breweries, a few vineyards and a gin distillery in the countryside around it.


A great few days!

Thank you to Peter Slade and Jennifer Margrave of the Guildford Twinning Society for the photos and editorial