A Traditional Strong English Ale

5.0% abv - available:

A reddish amber bitter, malty but with refreshing hoppy high notes on the taste. RIP Snorter is brewed with the finest English pale malt combined with some crystal malt and a touch of chocolate malt. Then we add a combination of local Fuggles and Golding hops at three stages during the copper boil.

Looks like



Fruity & Malty


Smooth & Warming with sweet plum notes

The story of RIP

An Australian brewery visitor from Murphy's, one of our suppliers, tasted the first brew in late 1992 and judged it a "real ripsnorter". We checked the dictionary - it was a perfect description.

We also had a visit from Chris Moss, the founder of Wychwood brewery. The MD at that time, Martin Hunt, introduced it as the "dogs bollocks" of his beers. Martin never used the name but shortly afterwards Wychwood had a beer by the same name.

Try RIP with …

Roast Beef

Perfect with Roast beef and all the trimmings