Golden blonde beer

4.0% abv - available:

A drier, golden brew with Cascade, Centennial and local Surrey hops. Hoppy with strong citrus and floral notes on the nose. Light in body, with well-balanced hoppy and citrus flavours.

Looks like

Golden blonde


Peach, pineapple


Hoppy, well-balanced with citrus notes

The Story behind Surrey Nirvana

Brewed to release the bad karma and achieve that perfect state of mind. We developed Surrey Nirvana in 2014 to complement our other golden beer, Hop Garden Gold, and showcase the wonderful aromatic character that can be achieved through late hopping.

Try Surrey Nirvana with …

Goats Cheese Tart

Sublime with Goat’s cheese tart or baked Camembert.
Or try with Grilled Chicken or Trout.

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