Traditional Cloudy
English Cider

5.0% abv - available:

Hazy Hog is a gently sparkling, full flavoured cider with a fine haze. Made from 100% bittersweet English apples using traditional methods and part matured in oak barrels to intensity its flavour. Refreshing and wonderfully 'appley'. The bittersweet apple juice is added back after fermentation and part maturation in large oak vats to create the 'Cidre Doux'style of Brittany/Normandy.

Looks like

Light & Golden


Fresh apples


Well balanced & Fresh

The Story of Hazy Hog

Our MD made his own cider but the results were always very astringent and dry, and adding sugar alone didn't give the balance he was looking for. He is also a director of Thatchers Cider Co, a fellow family owned business, and Martin Thatcher suggested adding apple juice back in the same way some Norman and Breton cider makers make their 'Cidre doux' style - it worked perfectly, adding a real appley character to the nose and a well balanced body. Thatchers knew how to make it commercially, and so Hazy Hog was born in 2012.

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