New English Lager

4.5% abv - available:

All the refreshment of old style lagers but with a greater depth of flavour and aroma, in keeping with the English Ale tradition. We use special lager malts and add 5 different hops from UK, Europe and USA at intervals during the boil, together with a small quantity of natural herb extracts. We then ferment and leave it to mature for over a month during which the flavour deepens and carbonation naturally develops. We do not pasteurise. Hogstar should always be drunk fresh and chilled.

Looks like



Caramel and hops



The Story of Hogstar

Our MD and Head Brewer both worked for major brewers before joining us and saw an opportunity for a new, 'English style' lager that was different from the almost universal Pilsner style and its variants. We started developing Hogstar in 2012 as a new style of lager with a distinctive character and real depth of flavour. After developing recipes, we did six trial brews at Wadworth of Devizes 2 barrel trial brewery. We settled on a malt grist and the 5 hops to be added at different stages in the boil, but varied the yeasts and the botanicals. Each brew was loaded into a maturation vessel and stored in a special cellar we had built at Tongham. We tested each batch every week for almost 4 months to see how they matured. After a fortnight the yeast in Hogstar become distressed and developed a sulphery nose but after a month we were delighted! We did a full scale 40 barrel brew and kegged and bottled the beer.

Hogstar Cans

The image of cans is really changing, as seen by the growth in the US market. Technology has moved on, so the new can linings mean that there is none of the old risk of metallic taint. Not only are cans now seen as modern, but they:

- Keep beer fresher and cool quicker
- Protect the beer from the effects of light
- Are more robust and easier to carry
- Can be double-stacked in the fridge
- Are fully recyclable and take up much less space in recycling bins
- Save on transport emissions as they are light
- Simply cans are more environmentally friendly and what’s more, they are perfect for festivals.
- Fresh lager, ice cold, straight from the can, a perfect drinking experience.


Bronze medal winner - International Beer Challenge 2014

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