Limited Edition Brew

4.2% abv - available:

Our famous honeyed TEA, for a hint of sweetness but beautifully balanced with dry hopping.

Looks like



Hints of honey


Malty, hoppy, sweetness of honey

Story of Friday 13th

Friday 13 is said to be unlucky for some. It certainly was for six swans who flew over the village of Tongham on Friday 13th October, 1995, and crashed straight into the main power supply to our brewery, causing a total power cut. The loss of power came at a critical point in the brewing process and in order not to lose the brew, the staff came up with the inspired idea of adding honey to make the beer ferment. The resulting brew tasted so good, that ever since that fateful day, we have brewed Friday 13 whenever that date appears on the calendar. Friday 13th has remained a firm favourite in our portfolio and sells out in record time.