Dark Winter Stout

3.8% abv - available:

A slightly sweet winter style stout, with hints of treacle and a roasted mocha taste with a subtle hop aroma. The finish leaves you with a gentle bitterness and a hoppy flavour on the palate. We use locally grown Fuggles and Bramling Cross hops and a selection of pale, chocolate and crystal malts to create this rich, full-bodied black beer.

Looks like

Deep amber


Light chocolate


Bitter Chocolate, smooth with a smoky

Snout History

Snout was developed in 2013 as a relatively low strength stout and indeed it has some of the characteristic of a mild, as it is not as bitter or dry as some stouts. It was named by Charlie Hunt in a staff competition. Her prize was a whole pint! What better name for a stout from the Hogs Back Brewery?

Try Snout with …

Lemon cheesecake

Goes beautifully with Toad in the Hole or sausages. Or for a change, try with a slice of lemon cheesecake.