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Our Hop Garden

Our Hop Garden

All the fields surrounding the brewery would have been covered with hop gardens in the 18th Century – we began reviving the fine hop growing tradition of Farnham in 2014 and are now expanding our hop growing operational, making us the largest Hop Grower/Brewer in the UK.

Having our own hop garden means we are closer to our ingredients, which in turn makes us better, more knowledgeable and innovative brewers. It also makes for more sustainable brewing, which can only be good for the environment! 
Rupert Thompson, Managing Director

We grow three varieties of hops

  • The Farnham White Bine which once made this area famous throughout the UK for the quality of its hops. We are the only scale grower in the world.  It has a fine, subtle, slightly peppery character.

  • Traditional Fuggles – the classic English ale hop which is used in many of our beers. TEA uses 100% Surrey Fuggles, providing a firm bitterness and gentle aroma.

  • Cascade – we are one of very few English growers of this wonderfully aromatic hop which has strong citrus/grapefruit character.

Our hop harvest

We planted our revival hop garden in Spring 2014 and left most of the hops on the bine to improve the rootstock for year two. Our harvests grew in yield and quality over the next three years and we were delighted with the character of our all three varieties.

We have a dedicated Hop Estate Manager, Matthew, who looks after our hop garden, ably supported by our Head Brewer, Miles, other members of the Hogs Back Brewery team and some willing volunteers from Tongham TEA Club members. We are lucky to receive the help of Bill and Bridget Bidell and the team from Hampton Estates for each harvest, also helping to dry and pack the hops for us.


The Big Hop Move!

Following the last hops being harvested in September 2018, work got underway to take everything down and start moving the hop plants to our new Hop Garden just behind the brewery.

The new hop garden is more close to three times the size of the existing one – a total of 8.5 acres, compared to the previous three acres. The garden will sit in a prime location on the best land on the farm and will also include a test area for different varieties. When fully mature, the new hop garden will provide 50% of Hogs Back’s hop requirement.

The project is now underway so take a look at the latest video from the Big Hop Move:


Hogsback Brewery
Hogsback Brewery
Hogsback Brewery

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