Our Story

Our Story

We’re a small family-owned brewery tucked away in the village of Tongham, in the heart of the old Surrey hop-growing region.

Did you know ?
Did you know?

The brewery takes its name from the nearby Hogs Back, a ridge of hills that looks just like a hog lying down. In medieval times the Hogs Back was a trading and pilgrim route between Farnham and Guildford but now it is less glamourously known as the A31.

Brewing since 1992

We first opened our doors on the 4th August 1992, in 18th century farm buildings that at various times have stored wheat, and housed cattle and, appropriately, hogs. The brewhouse was what is now our shop and the very first brew was TEA, which was an instant hit. The brewery is open for guided tours throughout the week so come down and give us a try.

The Finest Ingredients

Great beer comes from a combination of real brewing, passion and attention to detail and the best ingredients. The malted barley must be of a consistently high quality and within a specification that suits our own yeast, and delivers the tell tale hint of sweetness at the end of a Hogs Back beer.  And the hops, which add the bitterness , aroma and distinctive character are equally important.  We source the majority of our hops within 5 miles of the brewery, though we also source from Germany, the Czech Republic and the USA.

Brewery Tours
Hogsback Brewery
Hogsback Brewery
Hogsback Brewery
Hogsback Brewery
Hogsback Brewery
Hogsback Brewery
Hogsback Brewery
Hogsback Brewery

Traditional and Modern

The range wouldn’t be complete without traditional favourites like TEA and RipSnorter. But we’ve added Hogstar Lager and Hazy Hog cider for a more contemporary feel, and we’re leading the way with our unique green-hopped beers and Montezuma’s, the world’s first real chocolate lager.

Our Range

Our very own hop garden

In 2014, we planted our own traditional hop garden, just across the road from the brewery. It’s the first new hop garden in the immediate Farnham area for over 100 years and has become quite a local landmark, with many a traveller stopping to take a photo. Little do they know, our historic Farnham White Bine hops are not grown anywhere else in the world.

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Our Brewery Shop

We love great beer so as well as our Hogs Back range of draught and bottles, we sell about 300 traditional bottled and crafty can beers. The beers come from selected breweries in UK and from around the world. So when you pop to our local shop, you’ll get more than you bargained for. Come and join us at our Brewery Bar where you can try the freshest Hogs Back Beer. Open Thursday & Friday evenings as well as weekends.

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Where to find our beer

Our draught beers are available in many pubs in Surrey and more widely across the South East, and are increasingly featured by pub companies nationwide. Our bottled beers are likewise widely distributed in shops and supermarkets in the South East and in some supermarkets nationally.

Distribution changes so if you want to find a local stockist please contact us and we will try to help.

We are proud to work with

Asda Wetherspoons Waitrose Moonpig Tesco Mitchell Co-op M and S Booker Majectic Stonegate Southern Co-op Spirit

Hogs Back Brewery Charitable Trust

We believe it is important to give something back to the community so we aim to make a donation each year to charitable causes. This year we are pleased to be working with the Alzheimer’s Society, the UK's leading dementia support and research charity. Dementia is the UK’s biggest killer and the society has spent 40 years working to see a world without dementia, and to ensure those living with it have the care they need and are supported and accepted by society, able to live in their community without fear and prejudice. We have already donated £10,000 and hope to increase this to £20,000 by the end of the year.

Alzheimer’s Society