Traditional English Ale

Our top selling, award winning, best bitter. An enticing amber colour. TEA is refreshing, hoppy and well balanced. Surely the best drink of the day!

Choose between 20 pint, 40 pint beer boxes and 72 pint firkins and whether you would like it Bright (available for collection from the Brewery Shop) or sedimented (available from the Brewery Shop or for delivery).

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Bright and Sedimented beer

BRIGHT beer - fresh and ready to drink straight away
  • Get the best out of your bright beer by drinking within 72 hours of collection.
  • Once opened, enjoy as soon as you can for maximum freshness.
  • Cannot be delivered. Choose a collection date at checkout.
SEDIMENTED beer - perfect for buying in advance
  • Sedimented beer can be kept unopened in a cool place for up to three weeks..
  • Put your beer where you’ll serve it, then leave for 48 hours before opening.
  • Containers must not be moved once the beer settles.
  • Enjoy within seven days of opening the tap for maximum freshness.
  • Delivery available for sedimented TEA 20 pint beer box only.

We recommend you store and serve your beer from a cool, dry place like a garage (around 13°C is perfect - your fridge is too cold) where spillage won’t damage surfaces… and don’t forget to keep your beer out of direct sunlight!

In warm conditions, the beer bag may swell slightly. No problem, just open and close the tap to release air.

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